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We currently have professional asbestos, mould and drug and used needle and syringe remediation experts who service the majority of Victoria and New South Wales. With key locations in  Melbourne and Sydney; we’re able to service metro areas and the surrounding suburbs.

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Needle and Syringe Clean Up

Used Needle and Syringe Clean Up Services

Have you found used drug paraphernalia like used needles and syringes in your privately owned property?

Jim’s Hazmat teams can quickly and safely come to site to check for and remove all used needles and syringes.  Used Needle and Syringe Clean Up services is just one of the forms of BioHazard Removal and Remediation services Jim’s now provides.

There is no need to risk your own health and safety or wait around for someone else to clean up the used needles and syringes you find.

Jim’s Hazmat teams can respond to reports of drug needles and syringes in your private property, commercial premises and are often sweeping and cleaning out homes that have been squatted in or abandoned by tenants.

Needle and Syringe Clean Up

Needle and Syringe Clean Up

Reporting Discarded Syringes

When you find a used or discarded syringe or needle many people will call the local government or Council to see if their staff will come out and collect them.

There are a number of hotlines in all states and territories that you can ring for free advice.  We have compiled a list of these needle disposal hotlines for Australia here.

Many Councils will either direct you to this hotline and some will provide this service however it will often take at least 48 hours or more.

I can’t wait for Council to come and clean up the Used Needles and Syringes…

Many times, you wont be able to wait that long.  If the used needle or syringe is in a public place, within the boundary of your own home or business or in an access way you may want them removed sooner.

You have two options; you can either DIY this following these guidelines or call a Jim’s Hazmat team who will quickly mobilise to safely collect and dispose of the used needles and related biohazard waste.

What happens during a Used Needle and Syringe Clean Up?

In most instances it depends on the nature of the area or building where needles have been found.

We clean up and remove needles from public parks, laneways and carparks.  Needles may also be found during the exit inspection after a residential tenancy ends or when squatters are discovered in abandoned residential or commercial buildings.

After a report of a needle or syringe in a public place, the Jim’s Hazmat team will attend and ask to be generally directed to the area.  We will apply PPE and begin a thorough inspection or sweep of the area to identify the obvious and hidden needles and syringes.  These items will be safely collected and we will remove them from site and dispose of them in accordance with correct procedures for sharps disposals.

How much does a Used Needle and Syringe Clean Up cost?

The cost for a used needle and syringe can vary depending on the size of the area where the abandoned drug materials are left.  It could be a simple matter of just a few items in a single location or a broader request to find all such items within a building or over a larger ground.  Consequently you are advised to call us for a price estimate.

To get a quotation for used needle or syringe clean up please call on 131 546 or fill out this contact form and select BioHazard Recovery as the service.

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