Born from the Asbestos Removal sector, Jim’s Hazmat Removal are a team of experts qualified to undertake multiple technical services when it comes to clearing hazardous materials from buildings and homes.

Offering Mould Remediation with sampling and reporting, Meth Decontamination with sampling and reporting, Structural Drying of Properties, Fire & Smoke Cleans, and Deep Cleans, as well as the traditional Asbestos Removal, our teams are trained and qualified to undertake these services safely, without the need for you to put yourself, your family, or your workplace at risk.

One of our most popular services is providing Clean Home Certificates for homes that have been impacted by mould or methamphetamine. This can impact those wanting to purchase or lease a home, so we’ve created a new pre-inspection report for these properties so we can provide the owner or property manager with a certificate confirming the property is safe to purchase or lease. This goes for common issues such as mould, as well as all things biohazard related, which encompasses drug house cleans, chemical spills and hoarders cleans.

Time stamping the samples in these reports means that the property life cycle can be captured and hold tenants (if they are the responsible party) accountable for future sampling outcomes. This ability to identify the contamination early will eliminate cost blowouts for maintenance, as well as give landlords the opportunity to take back control over the condition of the property.

Here’s how you can get the ball rolling to obtain a Clean House Certificate.

Test for Meth Kit

Here are Jim’s Hazardous Material Removals, we offer comprehensive and tailored packages for the testing and remediation of properties that have been exposed to prohibited substances, or have been the site of manufacturing.

Air Sampling for Mould

The two main reasons customers request Air Monitoring be taken for mould are related to health issues or malodours present in the property. Our team has access to Bio Pumps and Air-O-Cells that take in 75 litres of air over a 5-minute period, meaning that we have the capacity to undertake Air Monitoring and Bio Tape Sampling on all properties.

These Air-O-Cells capture air particulates circulating in the air, and when investigated in the lab can determine if the air quality is Normal or Elevated. When requested, they’re also able to determine the genus or type of mould that might be present in the home.

When you can combine this with Bio Tape Samples of surfaces throughout the property, we can start to identify problem areas within the property and pinpoint areas of concern. This may determine if the water ingress is coming from inside due to a leaky pipe, or outside the property from ground water ingress.

These tools combined allow us to gather information to help determine causation. Other questions that will need to be considered will be things like the age of the building, construction materials, maintenance issues, pre-existing structural or mould problems, and recent renovations that don’t comply to Australian Standards.

Sampling Overview

The sampling process to obtain a Clean Home Certificate, or a Clean Building Certificate for other properties, goes through three stages:

Condition 1 (normal fungal ecology); an indoor environment that may have settled spores, fungal fragments or traces of actual mould growth whose identity, location and quantity are reflective of a normal fungal ecology for a similar indoor environment.

Condition 2 (settled spores of fungal fragments); an indoor environment that is primarily contaminated with settled spores or fungal fragments that were dispersed directly or indirectly from a Condition 3 area, and which may have traces of actual growth.

Condition 3 (actual growth); an indoor environment contaminated with the presence of actual mould growth, associated spores, and fungal fragments. Actual growth includes growth that is active or dormant, visible, or hidden.

Our team will assess your property to gauge which condition and category it falls into. Should we be unable to determine whether the property falls into Condition 1, 2, or 3 at the conclusion of the sampling, this is when we recommend customers and clients engage with an Indoor Environmental Professional (IEP).

Anyone undertaking projects in Child Care, Elderly or Retirement Facilities, or Healthcare Workplaces are also encouraged to engage an IEP to assist and give an independent evaluation, that enables the restoration team to formulate the report and quote.

These IEP hygienists will be able to assist with more complex projects where additional expertise may be required. The hygienist can then supply a Clearance Certificate and/or a Clean Home/Building Certificate at the completion of the remedial works.

Should you need assistance, our team has partnered with multiple hygienists to assist with this additional expertise where required.

If you’re interested in beginning the process to obtain a Clean Building Certificate, please give our expert team at Jim’s Hazardous Material a call on 131 546, or get in touch with us online.


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