It may surprise you to learn that the washroom experience can make or break a company’s image, and bathrooms have become a tool in improving both your branding and the customer experience.

Mostly we prefer to handle our personal business in the comfort of our own homes, but that’s not always an option. Using public restrooms is a universal human experience. We’ve all been there. Sometimes it can be a perfectly pleasant trip. Other times… Well. Other times it can be an absolute horror show. There’s nothing worse than a disgusting public restroom, especially when you have no choice but to use it. As a business owner, it’s your responsibility to ensure that the restrooms in your facility are closer to the former than the latter.

Providing a positive restroom experience is an important part of customer service, and yet it is one that is so often neglected. When your customers have to use your restroom, they will use that as a way to judge the cleanliness of the whole business. If your bathrooms are gross, no one is going to want to do business with you in the future.

So here are some ways to ensure your customers have a great experience in your restroom.

  1. Keep it clean: Simple, right! But a lot of business struggle with that. Regular maintenance ensures that your washroom stays in good condition. Hiring deep cleaning services is one way to maintain your office washroom. Deep cleaning kills germs and exterminates odour in hard-to-reach areas of the washroom. Sometimes air fresheners don’t cut it. Hanging smells make the washroom uncomfortable to be in. Regular cleaning of the washroom makes the washroom experience bearable. It protects workers from potential health risks posed by germs. Doing so protects the reputation of your workplace.
  2. Freshen up the décor: The decor is the first thing we notice in a washroom. It sends out a particular message. According to research, good decor receives more positive feedback.
  3. Use Air Fresheners: The smell of a bathroom can be less than pleasant. Many people just accept that as an unavoidable consequence and move on. Bad smelling bathrooms give your patrons the impression of unhygienic and poorly maintained Bathrooms. But there are definitely ways to combat the smell of a public restroom. There are lots of different kinds of air fresheners out there designed specifically for use in public restrooms. With a choice of a variety of quality fragrances and a modern discreet metered Air Freshener fitted, this can reassure your patrons that there Bathroom experience is a positive one.
  4. Keep it stocked: Make sure your dispensers for paper/soaps/towels, vending machines are stocked and working. Having a wall mounted soap dispenser in a bathroom encourages hand washing and helps with avoiding cross-contamination. Bathroom vending Machine needs to be well stocked with tampon, napkin, baby nappy etc.
  5. Regular use of Urinal Cakes and Sanitisers: Because men care about clean toilets too! A clean and hygienic urinal is just as important as having the best sanitary hygiene services in your female bathrooms. Toilet sanitisers clean and deodorise urinals and WC’s by releasing a measured amount of scented fluid with each flush. The sanitiser liquid mingles with the water in the cistern to:
  • prevent the growth of bacteria and scale build-up,
  • eliminate the source of odours,
  • help keep plumbing clear

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