Silica Dust Control: A New Process for Safe and Efficient Work Zones

Jim’s Hazmat Removal are working diligently on a new process of Silica Dust controls, containment and removal. Crystalline silica dust is released when cutting or grinding of stone or concrete products.

It is becoming an ever-present problem within the Building Industry and has been highlighted on national television as to how toxic Silica Dust residue can be to your health and wellbeing. The manufacturing and installation of stone-based materials hasn’t been regulated and the standard of protection not only for the contractors using this product but the homeowners who have been exposed to the dust particulates left behind, have been under regulated.

Silica Dust is a known carcinogen and needs to be identified, controlled, and removed accordingly, to strict guidelines and the work-zone should then be sampled by an Indoor Environmental Professional to ensure competent cleaning practices. Queensland Government has just introduced legislation to control the manufacturing & installation of Stone products and we expect that all other states will follow suit.

Jim’s Hazmat Removal are working closely with a team of Hygienists and Work-Safe Victoria to create a complete site control and cleaning process that will support Builders, Home Renovators and Contractors who need assistance on how to identify, control and remove Silica Dust. Once we have approval from all authorities, we will take the process nationally and will train & utilize the Hazmat Removal teams around Australia to undertake this removal process.

We would suggest to property owners who are having any work around their homes/offices relating to Stone/Concrete products, to ask their contractor, what type of air controls and Filtration will be installed to stop any cross-contamination to areas outside the work zone and how the dust will be suppressed/extracted and how it will be cleaned. If you are not satisfied with the response, then we would suggest you contact your local Work-Safe office for advice and to not allow works to be undertaken until you are satisfied that above protocols are in place.

We don’t expect that builders or home renovators are fully competent with air controls and containment chamber construction. Jim’s Hazmat Removal will be able to attend your property to assess and quote for the installation of the appropriate control system for a successful and safe work zone.

At the end of the stone works, Jim’s Hazmat Removal will attend the site and clean accordingly, have the site tested and once clearance has been achieved, remove the containment chamber. We want to empower the property owner to take the lead when dealing with contractors and to ensure the health and welfare not only of their families but the health of the property and its contents.


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